(Hey guys sorry for being super inactive! Real life is getting fun and I got a lot going on.)

No matter where you stand on this, It’s a valid discussion that’ll benifit the industry.


Hi :) how old were you when you started surfing?

dude I'm from the cold north Scandinavia we just don't surf :)

But I got dragged along for Hurley pro at Trestles 7 years ago not knowing anything about the sport. Slowly got my interest peaked. Surfed a few times here and there. 

Going down to the south of France to watch the Quiksilver Pro this fall though. Might do a surf camp a few weeks afterwards.

The main reason why this blog has been quite (it’s surf related!)

10 months ago I was diagnosed with bipolar which I write about a lot here, I’ve been on sick pay for little over a year which means I’ve had time to get better.

I decided quite early on last year that I was gonna go watch the Quiksilver Pro France in 2014 if I had gotten better. Basically I’ve spent the past few weeks working out the trip.

I am now better, I have the time and I feel like it’s time for another adventure. I am taking the train from Denmark to Paris, I’m bringing my pintail longboard along for the trip so I’ve set off 4-ish days to get from Paris (where I know a few people) to Hossegor where I’ll be renting a room through airbnb.com rather cheap. Basically the whole trip will be done as cheap as possible.

So if you’re thinking about going to the Quiksilver Pro France? Hit me up here or here. I always travel alone and I love meeting new people along the way. I’m staying there for a little over 2 weeks.

background info: I am an experienced backpacker. I went through Europe twice, and I’ve gone from Morocco to Tanzania by train and friendly people with cars. I’ve crossed America twice in a van with some mates (I don’t have a driver’s license!), and I island hopped from Cuba to Jamaica and the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.