john powering through

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dillon tearing mexico apart

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my favourite thing about tumblr is there is not one mention of sports

Oh how wrong you are you innocent little creature. You don’t understand the pain of being a sports fangirl.

there is not one mention of sports ?



sunset …

I dreamt I was on tour with my boys and after a gig I met Taj Burrow and Johnny Gannon at a festival??? 

bonus points: I have a lot of vivid dreams, and I can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality when I first wake up, so the emotions when I open my eyes are very real and strong.

it was so nice :D

I fucking LOVE chopes man. my fantasy surfer team is a bit beaten but I can’t be truly annoyed by the upsets. nice to see some mix ups.

Hey! By any chance do you know if john john did the "surfing is everything" in one of the surfer magazine? By the way love your tumblr!!

oh man I honestly can’t be a 100% sure but I don’t recall it?? sorry.

can anyone  help out?

Thank you ♥

October’s issue of Surfer Magazine



ph: ben thouard

Ace Buchan’s near perfect 9.97 in round 1.