in oher words, I’m happy I had surfers like Wilko, Jadson Andre, John John and Toledo. wish I’d kept Kerr. That would’ve been awesome..

They have fantasy surfing ?


also but the official one sucks.. in my opinion.

sign up for next year! it’s super fun to discus with other people and pick teams. If you’re serious about it, it takes up a lot of time tho. which I don’t regret at all.

In other news: I’m happy I kept Wilko and kicked Bourez before this event!

My fantasy surf team is looking better and better

I know I’m either super active or super inactive on this blog sorry 


Carlos Muños made history by being the first Costa-Rican to enter a world tour event via video submission, and then, in his first heat, he won against the world number 1, Gabriel Medina. PURA VIDA!

video: @aspworldtour



Photo: Jimmicane

I’m sorry I just find him sooo attractive okay

Hi hello sup I just wanted to let you know that those gifs of Kolohe kinda made my day. Wow they're so rad it's incredible! I hope you have a great day!! :)

eeeep thank you so much :D :D

you too ♥

21 Days: Kolohe Andino

21 days Kolohe Andino Carissa More

21 days Kolohe Andino Carissa More