Carlos Muños made history by being the first Costa-Rican to enter a world tour event via video submission, and then, in his first heat, he won against the world number 1, Gabriel Medina. PURA VIDA!

video: @aspworldtour



Photo: Jimmicane

I’m sorry I just find him sooo attractive okay

Hi hello sup I just wanted to let you know that those gifs of Kolohe kinda made my day. Wow they're so rad it's incredible! I hope you have a great day!! :)

eeeep thank you so much :D :D

you too ♥

21 Days: Kolohe Andino

21 days Kolohe Andino Carissa More

21 days Kolohe Andino Carissa More

Is it just me or has Kolohe grown from complete babyface to looking (and sounding) like a fricking grown-up man over the past year or so


Kolohe from below

Photo: Ellis


kolohe gets ready to take on a task no other surfer has done before. dare to watch?

Monster Children - Team Average Sri Lanka - TRAILER


I think Kelly is ready for Trestles…

Photo: Ryan Miller

4k new followers in a month??? I’ve no idea what I did but 

I try to gif surfing when I have time.