Would you consider giving this blog away? I would be interested in taking it over if you're no longer active, that is :)

Sorry no. I might be on hiatus but I will eventually gif surfing again. After all, these are all my gifs and my creations. I appreciate the gesture. 

I’ll return eventually - real life and personal blog just got very very busy.

(Hey guys sorry for being super inactive! Real life is getting fun and I got a lot going on.)

No matter where you stand on this, It’s a valid discussion that’ll benifit the industry.


Hi :) how old were you when you started surfing?

dude I'm from the cold north Scandinavia we just don't surf :)

But I got dragged along for Hurley pro at Trestles 7 years ago not knowing anything about the sport. Slowly got my interest peaked. Surfed a few times here and there. 

Going down to the south of France to watch the Quiksilver Pro this fall though. Might do a surf camp a few weeks afterwards.